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YuSearch.com Info
YuSearch.com is an Internet search engine, specialized for .yu and .rs Internet domains and related web sites. .rs is the Internet country code top-level domain for the Republic of Serbia. .yu has been the Internet country code top-level domain assigned to Yugoslavia and subsequently, Serbia and Montenegro.
YuSearch.com has been developed and maintained by BitPlus Computers, Internet development and consulting company from Toronto, Canada (September 1996).

YuSearch.com includes a search engine and a directory of links. It also includes a search engine of email addresses submitted by YuSearch users.

The directory, YS Index, has 12 main categories of links: Arts & Culture, Business & Economy, Computers, Education, Health, Media, Society, Regional, Science, Social Science, Tourism & Travel and Sports. Each of these categories has additional sub-categories.

Submitting a new link:
If you wish to submit a new link to YuSearch.com database, click on the "Add New Link" and provide the following information:
  • URL - Uniform Resource Locator (Link), or in other words, your exact web address on the Internet (it must start with http://).
  • Title - This is the name that will appear at the appropriate YuSearch category. Please make sure that the title is not longer than 10 words and that the title is not all capitalized.
  • Description - A short description (25 words max). (should not contain words in all capital letters and embedded HTML tags).
  • Categories - Select one category or two, where you wish your site to appear.

    Hints for Web Developers:
    If you would like your web pages to be represented at YuSearch properly follow the instructions:
    Choose titles for your documents that best represent the content. The text placed between <title> tags is used to display link, and it also has big impact in ranking the links that have been found.
    Use meta tags (description and keywords) when creating your web documents to better describe the content. Information found in meta tags is used in matching and ranking the links. The following is an example for using html meta tags:
    <META name="description" content="Dream Studio - Marketing agency - Krusevac, Yugoslavia">
    <META name="keywords" content="yugoslavia, serbia, krusevac, oktobar, 14, animacije, animation, marketing">

    How does YuSearch engine work:
    Links in YuSearch database are collected:
  • with an automated web robot that visits sites and gathers relevant info
  • submitted by YuSearch users
  • added by YS editors/webmaster

    Links are then made available to YuSearch users through the search engine and categorized directory.

    If you wish to place YuSearch.com search box on to your page, please visit this page to copy required HTML code. Thank You.