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  • Alma Micic,
    The official web site of Alma Micic! Alma’s upcoming release “The Hours” features her originals, new takes on spirituals and a loving dedication to her ethnic heritage. Dobro dosli ...
  • Rale Micic - jazz guitarist and composer,
    Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, guitarist and composer Rale Micic (pron. Rah-Leh Mee-chee-ch) skillfully fuses culture with timeless jazz. Rale has come a long way - from a young boy struggling t...
  • The Bosses of Jazz,
    "Istorija jazz-a, Biografije, Diskografije, Linkovi, Jazz news, MP3, YU jazz!"
  • "Zvonimir Tot, jazz guitarist, composer, arranger",
    "Yugoslav-born musician residing in Chicago. See the website for CDs, audio & video clips, sheet music, schedule & more."